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Hose Protection Accessories

Hose Sleeves Guards

S.S. Armor Guard

A highly flexible heavy duty interlocked metal casing to protect the hose against severe handling abuse, molten material splash and over bending. This can be applied over the entire length or in short sections at the end connection.

SS Armor guard

Heat Shrink Tubing

To minimize hose O.D., heat shrinkable tubing is used in applications where cleanliness is essential, such as food and pharmaceutical processing. This provides easy cleaning of the outer hose surface.

Hose Sleeves Guards


Firesleeve is a self-extinguishing thermal protection sleeve renowned for its ability to instantly shed molten material and resist direct flame impingement- ideal for use in industrial and foundry applications. Knit Firesleeve is a lightweight, expandable, and flexible composite sleeve which will not melt, burn, support combustion, or emit toxic smoke. Industrial-grade Knit Firesleeve is manufactured with a highly texturized E-glass insulating substrate and coated with high-temperature, fire-resistant Silicone coating.


Abrasive Sleeve

Abrasion Sleeve is designed to provide long-wearing abrasion protection for hoses, cables and wires. Manufactured from high tenacity multi-filament Nylon yarn and woven into a flexible tubular sleeving it provides complete system coverage and reliable protection. The woven construction provides for an easy means to protect, bundle and manage critical lines in various applications. Nylon 6 fibers provide UV protection and great resistance to common industrial and vehicular fluids.

Abrasive Sleeve

Spiral Guard Wrap

Spiral Guard Wrap is manufactured from extruded high density polyethylene (HDPE), Spiral Guard Wrap will withstand the extremes of climate and operating conditions. The HDPE extrusion process provides a product with round edges which make for easy installation which will not damage hoses. Spiral Guard Wrap protects against abrasion, cuts, crushing, UV and various hazards.

Spiral Guard Wrap

Spring Guard

Metal spring guard is available in hot dipped galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel. This method of protection is well suited for applications where rough handling, abrasion and severe flexing will occur.

Spring Guard

Additional Services


At Southeastern Hose, Inc., 100% of our products are tested to ensure they are right the first time. We are capable of performing all types of additional non-destructive testing, such as radiography, ultrasound, mass spectrometer, magnetic particle, pneumatic, hydrostatic, helium leak, vacuum, and liquid penetrant inspection.

Hose Burst Testing
Product Testing


Southeastern Hose, Inc. offers in-house cleaning for Sanitary and Oxygen service applications. We clean, degrease, dry, seal ends and poly bag per customer specifications.

Cleaned and Bagged


With our state-of-art etching and label machines we have multiple tagging and identification options using direct engraving, S.S. tags, adhesive labels, plastic tags and many other options.

Hose Tagging
Engraving Machine

Custom parts

Our In-house machine shop can form and machine to meet most custom design type requirements.

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